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Upsuite is a marketplace for coworking spaces that connects businesses with flexible workspaces. The company approached us with the goal of increasing their organic traffic and improving their conversion rate. Before joining us, Upsuite had less than 100 organic traffic per month, making it difficult to compete against larger companies like WeWork with a larger budget for SEO. Our strategy focused on increasing organic traffic and conducting conversion optimization tests to ensure that all traffic generated leads for the company.

Upsuite was determined to scale their business and leave a strong imprint in the industry. However, they were acutely aware of the importance of quality traffic that would generate valuable leads for their company. With this in mind, they entrusted us with the task of developing a holistic SEO and CRO strategy that would effectively attract the right target audience and maximize lead generation.



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seo strategies
01. Сhallenge

Prior to engaging our services, Upsuite was confronted with a major challenge in its efforts to grow their business. Despite their best efforts, they were unable to significantly increase their organic traffic, and as a result, they were struggling to generate valuable leads through their website. The highly competitive nature of the coworking industry made it even more challenging for Upsuite to establish a foothold and compete against larger, more established companies with significant investments in SEO. It was evident that their current website lacked the necessary optimizations to attract and retain the right target audience, and the company was in dire need of a tailored SEO strategy to boost its online presence and drive meaningful results.

02. Solutions

Our strategy was centered on addressing Upsuite’s core challenges and ensuring that their business objectives were met with optimal results. We recognized that their current approach to SEO lacked a comprehensive plan that would attract and retain the right target audience. To overcome this, we developed a comprehensive SEO plan that included thorough keyword research, on-page optimization, and link building, ensuring that Upsuite’s online presence was optimized to rank well on search engine results pages. We also conducted extensive conversion optimization tests to improve their conversion rate, ensuring that all traffic generated from our SEO efforts resulted in valuable leads.

Considering that Upsuite had an app for their marketplace, we were mindful that their developers had limited SEO experience. As a result, we ensured that our approach was intuitive and collaborative, providing the necessary support to guide them through the process with ease. We collaborated closely with the developers and equipped them with the knowledge and tools needed to effectively implement the SEO strategy. This helped us to maximize our efforts and achieve optimal results, with minimal disruptions to Upsuite’s internal operations.

03. Results

Our SEO efforts resulted in a significant increase in organic traffic, with Upsuite now receiving over 22,000 organic visitors per month.

Reaching the 10,000 organic traffic goal was no easy feat. It required a significant effort from both our team and Upsuite’s. We worked closely with their developers, who had no prior SEO experience, to optimize the website’s technical aspects. We created around 150 pages and blog posts targeting commercial and semi-commercial keywords. Our link-building approach was commercial-focused, making it a challenge to acquire links in the average link-building style. But our relentless efforts paid off, resulting in Upsuite having over 450 referring domains pointing to their most important pages.

seo strategies
increase in contact form entries
increase in goal completion
increase in users

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